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india is famous for being the home of the tiger, and this trip is geared towards getting you great tiger photos.

Bandhavgarh, with 35 tigers, has the highest density of tigers among all the national parks and sanctuaries in India. Moreover, the local park rangers track tigers daily and even if the tiger is away from the jeep trails, an ability to go off-road in nature's own 4WD, the elephant, means that you have a great chance of seeing and shooting this awe-inspiring cat. Kanha has long enjoyed a reputation among serious wildlife enthusiasts of being one of the most beautiful national parks in the country, with an amazing range of terrains and wildlife species (including big, orange striped ones).


The emphasis of the trip is on wildlife photography and nothing else. We will do our best to get you in good game-viewing locations and our guides, who are experts in animal behavior and know the best places in the park for sightings, will help you anticipate and capture action as it happens.

Our main goal will be to get you some great tiger photographs, and we will do this using a combination of jeep and elephant-back excursions. However, while the tiger remains our focus, we will also spend the time seeking out some of the lesser known, but no less interesting, species that are found in these parks: chital, sambar, gaur, hyenas, buffalo, jackals and more, as well an amazing variety of birdlife.

Trips can be scheduled at any time, except between July and October. However, for the best photo opportunities, we recommend April-May. It is hot, but the sightings are the best.


A keen interest in wildlife and willingess to spend time waiting for the perfect shot!


For mammals, a fast lens reaching up to atleast 300mm is recommended - 400mm would be ideal. Also, a zoom is very handy in Indian conditions, where subject proximity can vary (thus necessitating a wide variety of focal lengths) and the dust factor makes it preferable to minimize lens swapping. The 100-400/80-400 lenses, or the Sigma 120-300/2.8, or the 50-500 Bigma are excellent lenses for this trip. A 500 prime is very nice to have for shots of birds, etc., but for mammals, you'll want a zoom.

A tripod is not needed - we'll be on a jeep or elephant-back for most of our game viewing, and a monopod or beanbag is a better alternative. If you need a tripod for occasional use, you can borrow one of ours (although you may want to bring your ballhead). We also stock beanbags for use during the trip.


Day 1: Meet in New Delhi in the morning and fly to Khajuraho in the morning to transfer to Bandhavgarh. Check into the lodge, meet trip leader, discuss goals for the trip and any special interests (L, D)

Day 2: Morning and evening game drives(B, L, D)

Day 3: Morning and evening game drives(B, L, D)

Day 4: Transfer to Kanha National Park

Day 5: Morning and evening game drives(B, L, D)

Day 6: Morning and evening game drives (B, L, D)

Day 7: Early-morning departure from Kanha back to New Delhi (B, L)

Note: One or more of the morning game drives in Bandhavgarh may involve a combination of jeep and elephant safaris, in order to get close to the elusive big cat. Also, dependiing on date of travel and flight schedules, the return to Delhi might be via train, in which we would arriva back in Delhi on the morning of Day 8.


This is a wildlife photography trip, focused on getting great shots of Indian wildlife, especially tigers. Because of that, we will plan to depart early in the morining for our game drives and returning only after the it has gotten too hot and the animals have retreated into the shade. The early start means that we may often leave after a very light breakfast (tea or coffee, some fruit and cereal). We will ensure a supply of sandwiches and snacks in the vehicle, however, to ensure that no one goes hungry.

That being said, this is your trip after all - you are free to follow your own interest: say, do more elephant safaris or bush walks, or sleep in. Just let us know!

However, please be aware that game viewing in India is different from game viewing in Africa. Animals are more shy, and the thicker bush makes viewing harder. However, we have selected parks and which offer the best game viewing opportunities. Our itinerary is also structured to maximize your chances of game viewing: early morning and late evenings spentgame spotting, and the hot mid-day spent doing exactly what the animals do - lazing around in air-con while sipping drinks with umbrellas on them (ok, so it isn't *exactly* what animals do, but it is close).

Also, while this is a wildlife safari, we strongly recommend a side visit to Khajuraho, to explore the magnificent temple there. Possibly one of the most beautiful temple complexes of north India, this historical site offers a fascinating glimpse into India's rich historical past. Typically, a 2-day add-on gives ample time to explore the various parts of Khajuraho - we would spend the first 2 days of the trip exploring Khajuraho, before heading on to Bandhavgarh for the wildlife safari.


Prices for the trip start from Rs 1,10,000 ($2500) per person, depending on group size. This includes all accommodations in comfortable hotels and lodges, meals and game viewing as listed above and all local transfers. It also includes the a private jeep for game viewing (with a limited number of people in the vehicle, to maximize room for shooting) and the services of a top-notch tracker/guide. Not included are beverages, laundry, tips, travel costs to Delhi, cost of film or developing and personal expenses. Participants are expected to provide their own camera, lenses and film.

Price for 2-day Khajuraho add on: Rs 20,000 ($450) per person (inclusive of hotel, meals, temple entry fees, guide and transport. Beverages, tips and personal expenses extra).

Note on hotels: We have chosen comfortable, upper-end hotels offering good food, well-appointed rooms and a relaxed, personalized ambience. We typically partner with hotels which have a track record of supporting local environmental issues and awareness. This not only keeps the prices reasonable, but also provides a more "cosy" atmosphere than typical chain hotels. However, if you would prefer to re-live the lifestyle of the kings of the old, we would be more than happy to base the trips in top-end hotels as well. Please contact us if interested.


To make a booking, please email us at

Bookings are not confirmed until we receive a 20% deposit. We accept payment via wire transfers or via Paypal. The balance is due 45 days before the trip.

If cancelling before 45 days, the full sum will be refunded (minus the 3% transaction fee, if you have paid using a credit card via Paypal). For cancellations between 15-45 days from the trip date, we levy a 25% cancellation charge. For cancellations within 15 days of the trip date, the cancellation charge is up to 75%.


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