About Photo Safari India

We are a specialized photography tour company. Owned & operated by photographers, our goal is to provide photographers of all experience levels and interests a trip that is tailored towards getting the best photographs possible during their time here. So no package tours, hotel bookings, car rentals, sightseeing tours: just photography! That’s all we do.

As photographers ourselves, we know the challenges involved in traveling to a new location, in terms of figuring out what to shoot and when – and that is what we offer: in-depth knowledge of locations, timing and light.

We also feel that in order to take photos that go beyond the obvious, one needs to develop a deeper connection with the subject – a connection that provides depth to the imagery and story-telling. So where possible, we try to provide a richer experience: one that goes beyond “look, building in good light, shoot and let’s move on”.

And lastly, for newer photographers, our trip leaders are all experienced photographers and happy to help out with tips and techniques. We also offer more structured workshops, geared towards developing specific aspects of photography as an art form.

Our Trip Leaders

More info on our trip leaders coming soon