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Photo Safari India currently runs photo tours to the following select destinations only. These destinations have been chosen because of the wealth of photo opportunities offered by each of them, and because of our in-depth knowledge of these locations.

Photography focus: Wildlife, birds

Our wildlife trips visit Ranthambhore, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Corbett and Kaziranga National Parks, as well as Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary.

Yes, the tiger is indeed the trophy sighting for these trips, but there is a lot more to see than just this magnificent predator - and with our carefully selected guides and safari routes, we ensure that you get to experience this wealth of diversity (and see the big stripey orange cat as well).


Photography focus: Landscapes, hiking, Buddhist culture and monasteries

At altitudes ranging to over 5,000m, Ladakh, located in the northern part of India, is the crown of the Indian Himalayas. The towering , snow-covered mountains provide a stunning backdrop for high-altitude deserts, vast glaciers, verdant valleys, icy lakes, gushing streams and timeless monasteries.

A remote land that time has forgotten, a large part of the greater Ladakh region is cut off from the rest of civilization for the better part of the year due to heavy snows. In June, the snows start to melt, allowing a 3 month window for intrepid travelers to explore its mysteries.


Photography focus: Landscapes, hiking, birds

There are few places in the world which compare in size and scale to the vast Himalayas. Walk along a ledge at 4000m, with evergreen forests around you and massive peaks rising up in the background, as if to meet the sky. Stand on a rocky bluff along the Singhalila range and see the last rays of sunset falling on Kanchendzonga.Visit hidden valleys, where the songs of streams, waterfalls and birds come together in a serenade for your ears alone. Challenge yourself by hiking to 5,500m and more.

Birders, do note: with over 500 species recorded in the area, Sikkim is one of the best birding spots in India for mountain birds. Bring your field guide and/or hides, because many of these species are not found anywhere else!

Truly a magical place, this part of the world remains one of our favorite Himalayan destinations for hiking, birding and photography.


Photography focus: Landscape, culture, architecture (temples, forts, palaces), birds, wildlife

Rajasthan is the land of epic battles and tragic romances, of brave generals and fallen heroes - the land of kings. It is the place that, more so than any other, exemplifies India: centuries-old forts, colorful people still adhering to traditional lifestyles, unique wildlife and varied landscapes. Virtually every place you visit has a story behind it, a story that may span centuries or more. This is the land where the traditional meets the modern, where sleek SUVs argue over right of way with grouchy camels. This is sensory overload, India style.

This is the essence of India and justifiably remains one of India's top tourist destinations.


Photography focus: Landscape, culture, architecture (temples, forts, palaces), birds, wildlife

Although known primarily for its beaches, Goa has a lot more to offer to the visitor than "just" beaches. Goa represents the first meeting place between India and the Western world - the place where the Portuguese, led by Vasco de Gama, first landed in their quest for spices, silk and other exotic trade items. This has given rise to a true fusion of cultures - a meeting between Christianity and Hinduism, between Western and Eastern cultures & beliefs and architecturally speaking, between Portuguese and Indian styles of construction.

Our Goa trips help you discover both the past and the present of Goa, from old churches and temples, to modern-day lifestyles, ranging from weekly flea markets to fishermen bringing home their catch.

Goa trips are led by accomplished travel and people photographer, Neville Bulsara.


Photography focus: Landscape, culture, architecture (temples, forts, palaces), birds, wildlife

Words are inadequate to describe the solitude and beauty of this distant mountain state that has evaded almost everyone's attention. With hardly any kind of commercial development outside a couple of towns, this region remains one of the wildest parts of India. Forgotten lakes, unspoiled tribal lifestyles, jaw-dropping vistas and more are on offer for the intrepid visitors to this forgotten realm.

While we are a season or two away from offering commercial trips here, we cannot wait to go back here for more hiking, photography and exploration.


New Destinations

We are always on the lookout for new locations and new destinations. At the moment, in addition to Arunachal Pradesh listed above, we are also planning to introduce trips to Chilka Lake (one of the best places to photograph waterbirds in India) and to various national parks in South India. Keep watching this space for more info, or email us if you'd like to be a part of an exploratory trip.


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