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    Lion at waterhole    
    old starved male lion waterhole kruger south africa  

Lion, Kruger NP

This lion was standing about 10m from the spot where the impala from the previous photo was photographed - although not at the same time.

I am unable to determine if this is a pride male or no. A few weeks ago, we had seen a lioness in this spot, part of a pride of 9 females and cubs that had been there just before our arrival - so obviously, this area is part of a pride's range.

This male also looks to be confident, relatively young and healthy - except for the ribs showing. But his companion was definitely quite mangy-looking and appeared to be well past his "use by" date - not to mention being extremely nervous. So I am a little undecided.

Shot Details
Canon 1D Mk2, 500/4L IS, 1.4x TC
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