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    Lion laying the smackdown    
    lion attacking lioness aggressive kill kruger south africa  
Aggressive lion at kill, Kruger NP

The male had been sleeping (having eaten already) while the lioness fed.

When he woke up and emerged from behind the bush where he had been sleeping, she was near the carcass but not actually eating. But that was enough for him- with a ferocious growl, he leaped at her and gave her a swat with his paw, while she went into the classic feline defensive pose - on the back, fangs bared and paws in the air, ready to swipe.

Smackdown accomplished, the male went back to the kill, but the female remained exactly where she was, and in fact went to sleep right there.

Not pictured in this shot is another female hightailing it out of there.

Shot Details
Canon 1D Mk2, 100-400/4.5-5.6L IS
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