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    Sparring impala    
impala bucks sparring mock fighting antelope kalahari kgalagadi botswana southern africa desert

Sparring impala, Kalahari

The small horns are a dead giveaway - these arent springbok bucks, fighting in earnest over females (what else is there to fight over, other than Lindros-vs-Forsberg?).

These are sub-adults mock-sparring, preparing for the future. Apparently, adult dominant springbok males, like impalas, spend so much defending their territory and herding the females that they don't have time to eat. They lose body condition and are soon replaced by a younger, fitter buck in a short time.

Also, male impala and springbok are far more likely to be eaten by a predator than females.

There is a lesson there, somewhere.

Shot Details
Canon 20D, 100-400/4.5-5.6L IS
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