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    Sparring giraffes    
    male giraffes necking fighting sparring kalahari kgalagadi botswana southern africa desert  

Giraffes sparring, Kalahari

Giraffe were reintroduced to Kgalagadi only recently, and as per the boards in the park, there are around 40 of them, in 2 primary herds. We were lucky to spot both the herds, as well as these two fighting.

This wasnt a mock-spar - these guys were really getting into it. The guy on the left went on to do a shoot that would make the Gracies proud - he trapped the other guy's foreleg on his neck, and lifted up, causing his poor opponent to stumble around on three frantic legs.. I was half-expecting him to do a takedown and go into a leg-bar....

Shot Details
Canon 20D, 100-400/4.5-5.6L IS
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