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    black maned lion headon kalahari kgalagadi botswana southern africa desert  
Black-maned lion, Kalahari

I've wanted to see a black-maned Kalahari lion since I was a kid and saw one of the National Geo shows on them.

This lion, spotted after 4 days in the park, did not disappoint. He strode across the riverbed majestically, a king in his domain. The effect was a little spoiled once he got near the car, as he obviously was not as habituated to vehicles as Kruger lions - and so broke his regal stride and sort of half-trotted, half-slinked by us, eying us warily the whole while.

Once across, he resumed his normal imperious walk.

Shot Details
Canon 1D Mk2, 500/4, 1.4x TC
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