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Our Philosophy
We offer trips to select destinations, which we know in intimate detail and which we have selected because of their spectacular natural beauty and wealth of photographic opportunities. Thus, we can take you that extra step needed to get a spectacular photograph - be it the 7-hour drive to just the right spot for photographing Kanchendzonga, or a 5 min walk off the trail to find a particular orchid, or the right part of the country to photograph a particular species of animal.

Our trips are custom-developed to meet your requirements. You tell us what your interests are (wildlife, landscapes, culture) and what type of trip that you want (jeep, hiking, camping, lodge, elephant or camel safari, etc), and we'll come up with a plan for you.

Most Photo Safari India trips are led by its founder, Vandit Kalia. Vandit has been specializing in nature and travel photography for almost a decade and ha been published extensively and won numerous critical accolades for his work. His client list included, National Geographic Society Incredible India, Sanctuary Magazine (Asia's largest wildlife magazine), Times Journal of Photography, Elle, India Today, Outlook Traveller, Adventure World and more. Accolades include various solo exhibitions across the country, an finalist entry into the Cannes Ad Awards and various contest wins. However, rather than just read empty words, we encourage you to look at his work on display here and on his personal website, and decide for yourself.

Being shutterbugs ourselves, we know the needs of the photographers. Thus, we'll design an itinerary where the golden hours (early morning/late afternoon) are devoted to taking photos. Our local guides are experts in the regions, know the best routes for animal sightings, and the needs of photographers. The result is a trip which maximizes your opportunities for getting great photographs, as opposed to hurried "been there, checked it off on the list" type of scampering around.

Do note that we do not believe in the ivory-tower approach ("stay in a sheltered cocoon, come out to take photos, minimal interaction with the locals") that some tours seem to adopt. Our trips are based on the assumption that you not only want to take great photographs but also interact with the local people and be a part of their daily traditions and lifestyle - in other words, you want the full experience of visiting a new location.

By the same token, we feel that tourism is worthwhile only if conducted in a responsible manner. This means two things: one, supporting the local economy as much as possible, and second, ensuring minimal negative impact on the environment. We do not run trips that are exploitative in nature, or insensitive to local concerns. We go the extra mile to ensure that we leave with only happy memories - both for us, and for our subjects.

If this sort of a trip appeals to you, or to learn more, email us and we'll get back to you soon


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