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Our Pushkar Camel Fair photo tour is designed to get you up and close amidst twenty thousand restless camels and an almost equal number of animated buyers and sellers. It is chaotic, it is colorful, it is lively, it is crowded, it is maddening and it is awe-inspiring. In short, it is a microcosm of India itself.


iExact dates to be announced.


A smile, a willingness to get involved in the Indian way of doing things, a non-judgemental acceptance that things here are not the way thing might be back at home, a willingess to overlook some camel compost on your shoes, a willingness to connect with people and LOTS of memory cards.


The classic photo-journalist's kit works wonders here: a wideangle lens (eg, 17-40) and a short tele (70-200). And a small compact for candids and inconspicuous shooting. If you have a high-quality compact, you could do the entire trip with it, actually. This is not so much about gear, as it is about your eye and seeing the moment.

If you are using SLRs and multiple lenses, try to keep each lens on a separate body and use a belt system or shoulder bag for shooting. You want to be move fast and be ready to shoot at a moment's notice.


Day 1: Meet in New Delhi and transfer to Pushkar (either by car, or a combination of train and car). Visit the great "maidan" or fairgrounds in the afternoon(L, D)

Day 2: All day photography at the fairground. The first day is very over-whelming for photographers, as there is so much to see and shoot that you literally dont know where to point your lens. That is ok. It will start to fall in place as the days go by. (B, L, D)

Day 3: Morning at the camel fair, than a walk around the old town of Pushkar doing some street photography. After lunch, back to the fair. It is still overwhelming but now a pattern is starting to emerge. Try for sunset shots from atop a nearby hill (B, L, D)

Day 4: All day at the camel fair. By now, you're becoming a familiar face. You might recognize a few of the camel sellers (you might even have discussed swapping your gear for camels - I was offered 20 camels for my 1DMk2 and 70-200/4 a few years ago!). And you have also adapter to the hectic beat of the camel fair - your rhythm beats in unison with those of the people around you. Things have slowed down and you are starting to see a lot better.

Day 5: Last day. Now, you are going to be selective. This is also typically when the best shots are taken, because by now, you are a part of the scene. You know the going rate for camels, how to suss out a good one and the people offering camel rides only offr you a ride 5 times before giving up. There is also a carnival going on by now, and we will spend time photographing it (and also watching the magic show. It is worth it). If the camel races and other related activities are ongoing, we will photograph them as well.

Day 6: Now it is time to depart. After sneaking a quick trip through the grounds, we will head to the train station and then back to Delhi.


This trip is all about people. Yes, Pushkar gets a lot of tourists, but it still retains its characters. Put on headphones and sunglasses, ignore the kid begging or asking for change, and your "friend" offering you camel rides for only 50 rupees. That is as much a part of the experience as the camels and the camel-herders.

Our goal is to help you experience and photograph the camel fair as a participant, not a voyeur, but in a safe and comfortable manner. That means you meet India halfway.


The prices for the trip is $1500, and the trip is limited to 6 people maximum.

The price includes all transfers from Delhi to Pushkar, local transport, accommodation, meals and guides. Accommodation is in large, walk-in safari tents. Note that Pushkar being a holy city, meat is hard to find. If enough people are feeling carnivorous, we will drive out of the town to the next one for meat, but otherwise, it is veg food all the way.


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